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What is My Local Ad Space (MLAS)?

Small Business Marketing That Works

How would you like to position your company as a "local hero"? A business that everyone in town respects as an active and highly supportive booster of the local team? MLAS offers your business a cost effective way to support your local high school while engaging in an incredibly successful online marketing program. In addition to our laser-like focus on providing search engine optimization (things that help put your company's web site at the top of Google’s search results), a significant portion of your monthly advertising dollars are given directly to the high school of your choosing.

Through MLAS, you create a partnership between your company and your chosen school that actually encourages the school to direct their staff, teachers, coaches, parents and students to do business with your company. Why would they do this?  It’s simple!  When they make a purchase with a MLAS advertiser they are supporting a business that supports their school.  When we combine the financial support of your business with other local area businesses in your community, our program can easily generate thousands of dollars of additional revenue to your school of choice each year – money that is vital to the success of their after school sports and activity programs! 

We offer Incredible Results….At even more Incredible Prices!

If your business has ever contributed to a school fundraiser, ask yourself how those donations have ever benefited you. Buying cookies, meats, spices and candy is a great way to give money to the school – but what if there was a better way to invest those dollars? MLAS offers your business a way to put significant dollars into the school's fund raising efforts while at the same time creating a significant opportunity to increase sale and create a high ROI on your advertising dollars!

When you advertise on you engage in a highly effective online campaign to increase your business's visibility to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. At the same time, you provide local consumers with a fast and easy way to find out about your business. Through the use of an online coupon program, blogging, interactive ratings and customer reviews, and connections to your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter, you can quickly build a permission-based e-mail marketing program that lets you promote your business to consumers who want to know about your products and services...all starting at only $49.95 a month!

Become A Hero Right Now!

If you'd like to join us in supporting local high schools right now, simply use our quick business sign-up page and your listing can be active in just a few minutes! If you'd like more information about the program, or a more detailed explanation of the features and benefits of MLAS, fill out our information request form and someone will contact you shortly.  Either way, we can make your business a local hero in just a few short minutes.

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